Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Bookworms!

Today was Max's first experience at Baby Bookworms today! Fortunate enough for us, the program is right before my first class on Mondays but unfortunately during my classes on Thursdays. We may only make it on Mondays. Unless Bry feels comfortable taking him by himself. We got there kinda lateish and ended up going to the wrong room! Silly us. But once we got in, we saw dozens of babies! Max was in heaven! At first, he was aloof and shy, but once he saw all the kids walking and crawling around he got involved as well. We sang silly songs that made him wiggle and giggle, we rang bells, and then we had reading time. Max mostly enjoyed the socializing time, go figure. I'm quite surprised at how many people were amazed he was walking at 10 months... apparently that isn't something you see quite often. It made for a good time though and I think he was happy for the most part. Today's Bry's day off thank goodness and we are going to celebrate and spend time with Maxwell. I'll keep you posted on anything big.

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